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Marie Digby



I made a new video about the sexual abuse outings in the YouTube community. This one focusses on consent within relationships with large age differences.

Trigger warning for rape, assault, abuse.

such a great video from Hayley.


Hannah Gogan

Makeup Game On Point

could you recommend any bisexual youtubers?

Some I know of off the top of my head: Ashley Mardell, Claudia Boleyn, Ellie JaydenGayWrites, Heather Lee FazzLaura LejeuneMeg TurneyTheRoxetera, Scarlet Saint, and Stacey Brennan.

Followers, do you know of any others I’ve missed? (Especially WoC, since I’m actually having trouble finding bi WoC)

Melissa A. Fabello



NEW VIDEO: How to Filter and Blacklist Comments on @YouTube! [We talked about this feature a lot on the #womenonyoutube panel and Fighting Sexism on YouTube panel]

Useful info!